Weekly Men's Group

Redefining Masculinity
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What the world needs now is liberated men…who are ’empathetic and strong, autonomous and connected, responsible to self, to family and friends, to society, and capable of understanding how those responsibilities are, ultimately, inseparable.’”   
                    ― bell hooks

Cost: $40 per session
**Group meets Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm
***Group is currently at capacity but I would love to hear from you to see if you’d like to get on the waitlist, or if I can point you towards another resource

About Men’s Group

The idea for a men’s group was born out of an urgent need for men in our community to redefine ourselves and our relationships with each other, our partners, our children, and, ultimately, our planet. This group is for men who recognize the destructive effects  our culture’s dysfunctional sense of masculinity has on our intimate relationships, sense of self, our purpose, and our value.

 The group is interactive with all members encouraged to participate and share. I facilitate the group by providing focus and structure. Group will typically begin with a short meditation or reading, followed by a discussion topic, and concluding with goal-setting for the week. When appropriate, I will invite one member to do deeper processing with supportive witnesses.

Purpose of Men’s Group

Deconstruct societal notions of masculinity, keeping only the healthy, functional beliefs that serve us and our families

Provide a forum to process with and feel supported by other men

Promote cultivation of meaningful relationships with other men, intimate partners, and children

Explore and evolve the multiple facets of manhood, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, relational, and sexual domains

Process and heal intergenerational wounds, particularly those born out of our relationships with our fathers

Provide structure and accountability for goal-setting

 This is a closed group (i.e. no walk-ins). If you are interested in joining, I offer a free consultation to co-determine if this particular group is a good match. I keep the group intentionally small (6-8 men) to ensure that each participant has time to give and receive feedback. To protect the safety and integrity of the group, I ask for an 8-week attendance commitment. 


Recommended Resources


  • The Warrior’s Journey Home, Jed Diamond
  • I Don’t Want to Talk About It, Terry Real
  • ScreamFree Marriage, Hal Runkel
  • 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman
  • Hearts in Harmony (eBook), Gay and Katie Hendricks