This quiz is designed to give you an honest look at the state of your relationship and what areas might benefit from increased attention. For the following questions, please select the answer that best reflects your relationship over the last six weeks. If you are currently single, you may base your answers on your last relationship, or the most prominent patterns in your previous relationships.

1. When my partner is in a bad mood
2. When things begin to get heated between my partner and me
3. When my partner touches me, I usually
4. When I think about my partner throughout the day
5. When I share something I find exciting with my partner
6. When I feel like I need some distance from my partner
7. Upon reuniting at the end of the day, my partner and I typically
8. My view of my partner
9. When I express fear, sadness, disappointment, or anger
10. In general, my relationship leaves me feeling
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