Depression in men often looks very different from depression in women. I developed this short quiz to help you determine if you might be at risk. For each prompt, choose the response that best reflects your experience over the last 6 months. At the end of the quiz, enter your email for a detailed report.

1. I criticize myself harshly
2. I desperately seek out sexual contact from strangers or acquaintances.
3. I feel like I need to be perfect.
4. I struggle to put my feelings into words.
5. I am very sensitive to looking bad in front of others.
6. I avoid situations where failure is possible.
7. I blame other people for my poor mood.
8. I demand respect from everyone but act disrespectfully.
9. I have angry outbursts, fits of rage, or physically break things (punching walls, throwing objects, etc.).
10. I have recently had an affair.
11. I self-medicate through drugs, alcohol, TV, video games, or a combination of these.
12. I engage in high risk behaviors (reckless driving, picking fights, high-stakes gambling).
13. I am suspicious of people who try to have relationships with me.
14. I have difficulty grieving when I experience a loss or disappointment.
15. I prefer not to talk about my difficulties with other people.
16. I  feel worthless.
17. Most of my problems would be solved if other people would act differently.
18. I work more than 60 hours a week.
19. The future is uncompelling.
20. I feel that nothing is changing no matter how hard I try.
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