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What Do Men Long For?

The Journey to Here I have a confession. I didn’t choose this line of work because I’m particularly adept at love. In fact, it’s exactly because of my struggles that I felt called to study relationships. To learn as much as possible about men and women. Where we’ve...

An Endless Void: The Origins of Shame

Shame is a big player in a man's life. He will go to great lengths to avoid it. He will go to greater lengths to medicate it. But where does it come from? Read on to learn the vital role shame occupies early on, and how most men get shame wrong. Language Matters:...

Should Men Be Tough Or Tender?: Wisdom and Masculinity

When it comes to men and masculinity, a line has been clearly drawn. On one side, there are those that say masculinity is toxic and destructive. On the other, there are those who respond that we’ve become soft and ineffective. One satirical headline reads:...

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