“Intimacy is the art of gathering the soul and revealing it to another. Its initiations are sometimes uncomfortable, but its practice is always sacred.”

-Hayden Lindsey

Hayden Lindsey, LPC-Intern

Supervised by Dena Roberts, LPC-S

Love Better. Live Better.

Individual Therapy

Single and looking to attract that special someone? Recovering from a break up? Wanting to deepen a relationship you already have? I can help you invite more connection and aliveness into your life.

Couples Therapy

Do you feel like things could be better? If so, you’re probably right! Whether your relationship needs fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, I can help you and your partner reclaim the intimacy you both deserve. 

Premarital Counseling

Thinking of tying the knot? I help couples solve practical problems while creating a unique vision for married life.

Infidelity Counseling

Was your trust broken by a betrayal or affair? I help individuals and couples weather some of their toughest storms.

Sexual Intimacy Counseling

Whether you have a specific issue with a partner or just want to explore  sexual concerns with a trusted professional,  I can help.

Trauma, Grief, & Loss

When loving together, losing together is inevitable.  I help couples hold fast in the aftermath of life’s greatest challenges.

What is Intimacy?

Intimacy is the lifeblood of relationships. It is what allows us to know and be known, love and be loved. It is a dance, a creative clash of human imperfection, of coming together, falling apart, and rebuilding. Intimacy challenges us to tolerate the paradox of safety and vulnerability. True intimacy is not for the faint of heart! 

We usually think of intimacy as what occurs between us, but originates within us. Our capacity to know and love others begins with our capacity to know and love ourselves. Relationships are proving grounds, the crucibles where we develop and grow as individuals.  

We are born to be intimate, yet none of us enter our adult relationships unscathed. Trauma, abuse, loss, and the stress of modern living all impact our capacity for intimacy. My work is about helping people be courageous in love, and to continuously find new ways to open their hearts. 

My Mission

 As children, we are forced out of the wholeness in which we begin our lives. We learn to bury our truest selves, making authentic relationship difficult, if not impossible.  It’s no wonder that despite unprecedented advances in health, medicine, and technology, we are collectively lonelier than ever.

My mission is to help men and women reclaim the intimacy that belongs to us as human beings. It is to help couples swim against the current of a culture that does not value relationship in order to bring health to their homes and their hearts, perhaps for the first time in generations.

When we learn to love — and love well –we create a loving legacy for the generations that will follow us, as well as a spiritual healing for those that preceded us. This understanding of a broader purpose, one that literally has the potential to change to face of our world, provides the backdrop for my work.

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